Power Your Home With 100% Renewable Electricity

Review your local green electricity options and switch to renewables with no installation required

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What is Greenir?

Greenir provides you with high-quality, vetted, and affordable renewable electricity packages that are available in your area. We don't supply you with energy, we help you compare and select a renewable energy option that fits your budget.

Why Switch?

If you live in a deregulated market, you have the right to choose the energy supplier that powers your home. Instead of paying for dirty energy or investing in solar panels, why not pay a utility company to source your electricity from a renewable source?

How Will I Be Billed?

Your payments will still be made to your electricity supplier as you normally would, but you'll notice a change on the supply side of the bill in that your electricity is now coming from a new source.

How It Works

You Don't Need A Solar Panel To Run Your Home On Renewable Energy

Search And Review Your Local Renewable Electricity Packages
Choose The Package That Fits Your Budget
Join The Green Energy Movement
Still not clear on how this works? Click here to email our founder directly with any questions!